Kratom Euphoria

Kratom Euphoria

Achieving Kratom Euphoria is an easy feat, but requires a larger supply. When you compare the high cost of both marijuana and its cousin hemp for CBD, you will realize that Kratom is a more cost effective herb to both alleviate pain, as well as to get high achieving a dreamland state. At my local marijuana store, Marijuana costs about $20 for some really strong stuff which will net me about 4 intoxicating trips. Comparatively, we can do the same with Kratom for about $1.75 (when you buy 100 grams from this site) per dose. Its a net win when high spirits is your goal.

Kratom Euphoria

To get that feeling of elation that everyone loves, that mellowing out if you will, takes a change of quantity. For me, since I still like to alleviate pain, I mix 2 grams of red (bali), with 2 grams of green (motan). This gives me an intoxication which can last upwards of 3-6 hours. Some users will require larger quantities of Kratom, depending upon their average dose. Personally, I normally take 1-2 grams of red for pain, so my dose is relatively low. However 1 gram of green does little for me, which is why I need to either mix it, or take more green. Kratom Euphoria usually entails for the average user, about 5 grams. In a 100 gram bag, that’s 20 doses and at $35 (average price) for said bag, that’s where we get the $1.75 price.

A newbie to Kratom will need a similar dose to me, but once you hit that initial high, it’s going to take a bit more to do any lasting effect. If you’re new, then I suggest you start out with 1 gram, and increase your dosage by 1/2 to 1 gram every 20 minutes till you get the high you are looking for. If you feel nausea setting in, take a spoonful of sugar to counter the effect. Increase till you get to around 5 grams. If you don’t feel nauseous AND you didn’t get high, wait 24 hours and try again.

When we try that Kratom Euphoria, the first thing you might notice once you hit that rapture is a content feeling, with a bit of happiness settling in. One might ask if they can drive on it, or work while its in your system. I can categorically say that I have driven on the Kratom Euphoria, I have also worked on it. My personal job requires me to be on a mathematical edge at all times, and I am able to not only get high, but still do intense math all at the same time. I do not get the munchies, nor do I start giggling uncontrollably. The Kratom Euphoria, is pleasant and surreal, it is easily a better choice to get high for me, mainly because I don’t fall asleep nor is my brain compromised, which means I get to enjoy all of it, even at work where smoking marijuana would get me terminated.

Just like medicine, there is no best Kratom to get that Kratom Euphoria. Each strain will work great for some and not so well for others, it all comes down to trial and error. You find one which works well with you and you stick with it, unless you want to try another to see if you get a better feeling of bliss. I can tell you one caveat though… if you’re looking for a more relaxing strain, you choose darker powders. If you want a more energizing high, you go with lighter powders. This is why it’s so important to try a strain and not just listen to what others’ experiences have been. 

So, if you’re looking for more jubilation without the negative effects, and want to save money, I can’t recommend enough that you get a Kratom Euphoria high by dabbling in green Kratom.


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