Kratom Nausea Cure

Kratom Nausea Cure

When we overdo it, we might become nauseated, this is the Kratom Nausea Cure. The Kratom Nausea Cure will make it so you no longer feel like you want to throw up or regurgitate the Kratom you just ingested.¬† However it only solves the nausea, you will still need to determine the level of Kratom which is right for you – which obviously isn’t the amount you took that caused these ill effects.

Kratom Nausea Cure

Kratom Nausea CureFirst and foremost, if you aren’t used to taking Kratom, and are consuming raw powder, then the best solution to handle the nausea, is to simply mix it with yogurt or make a tea with lots of honey in it. The reason for your nausea is because Kratom can be bitter or sour on its own. For me, reds tend to be bitter and greens tend to be sour, but I am placing the powder under my tongue or use the shake and take method.

The next way people fell nausea is by overdoing the amount taken. We can avoid a measure of the nausea, simply by taking it with a meat laden meal, however this changes the time frame that the effects of kratom will begin to kick in. It will go from 20 minutes, up to one hour. On a new batch, that might be a bit slow, but it’s easily the easiest Kratom Nausea Cure.

The final Kratom Nausea Cure after taking Kratom – often on an empty stomach, is to immediately put a spoonful of sugar into your mouth. It might also work with Pure Honey, but if you don’t have pure honey then the glucose of sugar works just as well. It will negate the Kratom Nausea effect almost instantaneously. Unfortunately, this Kratom Nausea Cure¬† won’t work for someone with Diabetes. So we suggest trying different combinations to see what works for you. Don’t forget to tell us, if you do find something that works.


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