Mixing Kratom Strains

Mixing Kratom Strains

I have recently started Mixing Kratom Strains, to achieve better pain relief, while giving slight highs. The highs themselves last about 2 hours, while the pain relief works for about 5. Compared to a THC gummy @60mg, where I get 1 hour high and 2-3 hours of pain relief – with a compromised brain, I prefer Kratom.

Mixing Kratom Strains

To fully compare what happens when Mixing Kratom Strains, you need to be able to compare Kratom with other things. I have had 3 THC gummies in the last month, to compare – and mind you, this is based on personal results, because a lab won’t be able to tell how it will react to you nor me. The THC gummies came from 2 different dispensaries, so I could do a better comparison. Truthfully, I can see why we need the Marijuana industry to be policed nationally, since the samples ranged on effects, even though they both claimed to be the same milligrams in quantities. I also compared Opium Lettuce, which is another all natural pain relieving herb.

When I started Mixing Kratom Strains, I began by taking each of the various colors separately to find what I wanted as an everything mix. I knew that white gave me focus, clarity, and a happier mind. Green offers a little bit of pain relief, but a better sense of euphoria. Red, well depending on the strain, offers better pain relief. If you have ever seen some brands that offer something called Red Dragon, that’s a red (probably MD), and a touch of green. But to really get a perfect blend, you need to make your own personal blends. It wouldn’t surprise me to find that someone is mixing Green Malay and White Horn to make something they brand as Green Dragon or Green Opium. 

So my experiments haven’t as of yet taken me very far. Thus far, I have only mixed 2 parts Red and one part Green in one batch, and 2 parts green, 1 part white in another (for my relaxation after work). I have been making my own batches for my own “tastes”. Of course if you’re ingesting Kratom in the toss and wash method, then you know taste is a relative term.

Share your Mixing Kratom Strains recipes!

If you have a particular way you like Mixing Kratom Strains, that you want to share, leave a comment below and let us know.


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