How to take Kratom

How to take Kratom

How to take Kratom is probably the most asked question, when it comes to new users. So let me go over that now. There are 5 distinct methods which I know on how to take Kratom. We will go over each of them briefly below.

Please note: Each of these methods for consuming Kratom, can also be used on other powdered substances including Kava, Opium Lettuce, Moringa, Blue Lotus, etc.

How to take Kratom

How to take Kratom
How to take Kratom using the Shake and Take method

When I think of new users, I think of the first time I personally tried to find out how to take Kratom. I had read about the shake and take method. The shake and take method is pretty simple, you pour the amount of Kratom you have decided you want to try into a full water bottle, seal the bottle, and then shake it. You then uncap it, and swallow the entire bottle. It works best, with warm water, as the powder tends to clump with colder beverages. 

Another popular method people have used when they figured out how to take Kratom was to put it on the back of the tongue and to then swallow it with a beverage. This is called the toss and wash method. If you don’t have a warm water bottle, or just can’t stand the taste, this is an excellent method. I used this with a cold energy drink. At one point, I could taste it, but the sweetness of the drink quickly washed it away.

The original method I had heard some people used on how to take Kratom, was to make a tea with it. Now this method is a bit different, as you filter out the leaf powder. From what I have read, you make the tea with the leaf powder within and then filter it through a coffee strainer, then drink the tea. The more leaf you use, the stronger the effects, however the effect needs more leaf than swallowing it with either of the above methods. One woman purported she was consuming 10-15 grams a day, which is well above my 4-6 grams a day with the whole leaf powder.

Kratom and Coffee is the 4th method which teaches you how to take Kratom. You use an instant coffee, brew it, and put your Kratom directly in the coffee. Add your sugar or cream and then swallow the whole batch. I know some vendors tell people to use white or green for this method, for the energy boost.

Our final method which people can use when they try to figure out how to take Kratom, is to use a gel cap. You can either make your own gel caps, or buy it pre-made from some vendors. When you use a gelcap, the gel cap needs to melt in your stomach before it can be digested and placed in the blood stream. So instead of taking as little as 20 minutes to kick in, it might take a bit longer. This is easier for many people, who cannot stand the taste – even though its easy to get used to, for the benefits. At this time (might change in the future), GranniesRx does not carry Gel Caps Kratom.

How to take Kratom – Beginner Dosage

Equally important to knowing how to take Kratom, is knowing how much to take. On an empty stomach, Kratom takes about 20 minutes, for the effects to be felt. With food in your stomach, it might take anywhere from 40-60 minutes to feel the effects. While I tell people that 100g could give you about 30-40 doses, it could give less or more, depending on the amount of Kratom you need.

So for a Kratom beginner dose, I would suggest taking it on an empty stomach, with 1/8th of a teaspoon at a time, every 20 minutes, until you reach the desired effect is attained. Use the toss and wash method described above. Put some on your tongue and swallow with soda or juice. Rinse and repeat until you find the perfect combination for you. 

Less is more! Once you hit the optimum point with Kratom, more will not do more for you. Instead, it will start to take away from your benefits. In fact, taking more, could cause you to get a headache or cause nausea. If either of these occur, STOP immediately. Wait till the following day, and use the dosage you felt the best at. DO NOT EXCEED 1 teaspoon your first time. 1/2 teaspoon is about 2-3 grams, so a full teaspoon will be around 5 grams. 

WARNING: Taking Kratom with Lime or Grapefruit juice can cause the Kratom to have a more powerful effect. Avoid these juices the first few times as you have now learned how to take kratom.


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