Kratom Paradox

Kratom Paradox

Not to mince words, but one of the biggest mysteries to me, is what I call the Kratom Paradox. The Kratom Paradox, is trying to understand how different parts of the Kratom plant causes different reactions, coupled with different doses.

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Kratom Paradox

For example: Have you hear of Red Elephant? When Kratom refers to Elephant leaves, its referring to the upper most leaves in the tree, which are the least trimmed, and in turn, become larger than the rest. Now Red Horn, refers to a more mature leaf, as the horn is when the leaves age a bit more, again becoming mature, but not enough to gain the larger size. So Red Bali, can also produce Red Horn and Red Elephant. It can also create a Gold (which is a different drying technique) and a brown color (fermented leaves). Each of these variations can have drastic differences depending on the type of leaf or drying process.

But all this is a side note. The real Kratom Paradox is understanding the dosages. You see the first time you take Kratom, you might experience a high, feel nothing, or you might just get sick. Most people feel sick the first time, don’t worry, you’re not alone. This is because you often take too much for your own body to handle the first time. This is completely understandable, since the dosage varies from person to person, strain to strain, batch to batch, and even dosage from a new user to that same user a month in. It’s a mystery, that I personally can’t solve, but can report my findings on.

Kratom Paradox – dosage

Kratom Paradox

So the bottom line to this Kratom Paradox effect I am mentioning? It all comes down to the Kratom dosage. I am going to keep using Red Bali as an example here. So for 2-3 grams, which is about 1/2 a teaspoon, it has great pain relief, supposedly its one of the best for pain relief on a low dosage, while also providing an energy boost. Now if we up the dosage to about 5-6 grams, it can be great for mellowing somebody to where their anxiety doesn’t bother them. Then, if we up the dosage to 7-9 grams, the person will become almost lethargic but “high”, as well. Going over 9 grams unfortunately, is not really recommended for most people. You’ll need to have a big tolerance to it and taken it for years, for it to be a dosage you can handle without puking your guts up. But that’s if you take it directly. If in fact you take it as a tea, or if you smoke it, you can actually take a higher dosage. But truthfully, you get less out of it with smoking, or making it a tea.

Personally, I take 2-3 grams of Red Dragon Kratom (like in our store), and it works great for my pain needs – thankfully this isn’t a Kratom Paradox, lol. What is my pain? I broke my tibia in a spiral fracture, now have a titanium rod, and there is still space between the bones. I have had 2 surgeries for it, and the doctors are “perplexed” as to why I am still in pain. When it gets really bad, it feels like someone is stabbing a knife in and out of my leg. But apparently, I am not alone. About 1 in 20 with a spiral fracture have life long pain. I guess its the dirty little secret that orthopedic doctors, don’t mention, and general practitioners won’t acknowledge – so they assume we are all drug addicts and won’t give us pain meds. It’s understandable for a GP, since in their lifetime, they might only see 1-2 patients with this injury on this part of their body – and if most people don’t have the pain, they assume the pain is fake. 

Do you ken the Kratom Paradox I am mentioning? Low doses equals energy boost and pain relief; high dosage equals lethargy and/or a high.


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