Kratom versus Marijuana

Kratom versus Marijuana

Kratom versus MarijuanaWell, I finally took the plunge and decided to try Kratom versus Marijuana. I wanted to know, for me at least, which was stronger for pain. I actually came up with an interesting development. First off, before I go into the results, lets talk about where I work. I work in a location which follows federal guidelines for Marijuana usage. This means, that even though my state might have unrestricted laws, either for medical marijuana or for recreational marijuana, as a federal guideline, I can still be tested for, and be terminated for marijuana usage. There are several jobs in this category, and usually revolve around anything which is related to driving, cash handling, or government work.

Kratom versus Marijuana

My tests results for Kratom versus Marijuana, were interesting to say the least. I would guess this is because I have a higher pain level than my coworker, who gave me the Marijuana edible, specifically a gummy. In fact, I have tried more than one gummy, once at work, twice at home. I have come to my own conclusions in regards to Kratom versus Marijuana. To explain my testing, let me say that I ingested both of them, and determined my own results, on my own body. I didn’t do lab testing, nor did I experiment on animals. There is no relying on computers and chemical tests to determine which is stronger, again – only my own personal tests on myself.

Kratom versus MarijuanaSo in terms of Kratom versus Marijuana, I personally think Kratom is much stronger for its anti-pain usage. But of course, I can only base it on my own pain levels. Speaking of which, I recently found out one of the reasons why my pain levels is so high. It seems weather affects my pain levels. When its colder, the rod in my leg gets cold, and my leg hurts from the inside out. Its a bit like the first moments you put an ice pack on a body part, which gets to a frozen level and adds the numbness to your painful swollen area. Since my body keeps the rod a bit warmer, it actually never quite freezes the rod, which in turns gets my leg hurting from the inside out.

But I regress. The story is about my first and subsequent 2 other times ingesting Marijuana for the sake of comparing Kratom versus Marijuana. So the first time I took it, I was offered it while working. I became a bit paranoid, and began to focus on nonessential information.  I was dealing with customers and found myself focusing on information which was irrelevant. Now I must stop here a moment to say that, normally I do vary my thoughts and can be scatter brained, but when I do, my body uses muscle memory of sorts to do my job, and I don’t need to actually worry about what I am doing. But with the Marijuana, I wasn’t able to allow the muscle memory to take over. The paranoia came into play, worrying that people around me would figure out I was high. Overall, the single gummy lasted about 2 hours, in terms of it taking away my pain. The overall high lasted about 4 hours.

The second and third times I ingested marijuana, I did so at home. I didn’t notice a high per se, nor did I feel as though it took away my pain. However on my last “trip”, I did notice that I had actually a bit of a high, as I had gone to work about 4 hours later and noticed a faint twinge of knowledge that I was in fact buzzing. However, at that point, I had also ingested Kratom. So, there is a possibility that the 2 interacted to give me a buzz.

Downsides to Marijuana

Kratom versus MarijuanaWith my Kratom versus Marijuana experimentation, I noticed a few downsides to it. First and foremost was the paranoia. While it was small, it was present. It’s not a viable solution to pain management, if I can’t take it at work. Additionally, after taking Marijuana, that high left me feeling like I wasn’t in control. It would be minor, if I wasn’t at work. Third, and this one is the strangest one to me, when I became sober my muscles ached. It felt like I was sore after a workout. I needed to stretch and crack my bones in my neck and back. 

Kratom versus Marijuana Conclusion

I’d like to say that Marijuana was stronger, and that it was a viable alternative to Kratom, but alas in the comparison of Kratom versus Marijuana, I actually found that for a working environment, Kratom is king in terms of pain management. The key is, to take less Kratom (I take about 1/2 to 1 teaspoon’s worth), to get the pain to go away, rather than to take more and get a high. There doesn’t seem to be a happy middle-ground with Marijuana. You either get high and take away pain – possibly due to not actually removing the pain, just masking it, while high. With Kratom, I can choose a little bit of pain to go away, all of my pain to go away, and then to get high. But at no point did I feel inebriated to where I couldn’t work, nor do I get paranoid. For me, when it comes to Kratom versus Marijuana, my choice will be Kratom.


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