Oxycodone Kratom Mix

Oxycodone Kratom Mix

I saw someone asking about Oxycodone Kratom Mix, whether it was safe or made any difference, on another website. Since the website is known to censor its users, I chose not to respond. The person was asking what happens when you mix the 2, as he had found that he still had some left after his legs were amputated a couple of years back. So let me answer that, in conjunction with Hydrocodone Kratom Mix.

Oxycodone Kratom Mix

So when we think of a Oxycodone Kratom Mix, we are discussing taking Oxycodone and Kratom together or within a short time of each others to feel the full effect. The same holds true for a Hydrocodone and Kratom mixture.

The problem with taking an Oxycodone Kratom Mix is not understanding one basic fact. Oxycodone must be taken on a full stomach, and Kratom should be taken on an empty stomach. If you take them both on an empty stomach, then you can expect to feel nauseated, you might even throw up, wasting them. If you take them on a full stomach, the Kratom is going to take at least 45-60 minutes to kick in, and you might feel that the 2 cancel each other out, or mitigate the effects.

Oxycodone Kratom Mix

So to get the full effects we need to stagger the effects a bit. You should start by taking the Kratom at least 2 hours after you have last eaten. Wait half an hour – now the effects should kick in. Then eat something which is laden with meat. Then take the Oxycodone.┬áThe effects should start to kick in, within another 30 minutes. Expect to feel sedated, and comfortable. The ride is going to last 4-6 hours for you.

Now personally, I do this with a Hydrodone Kratom Mix, but the effect is definitely felt. The Kratom kicks in, and if I become in pain (usually when I am working, on my feet, for long hours), then I take 1/2 to 1 Norco 5’s. It’s usually when it feels like someone is stabbing me in and out with a knife that I take the Norcos. But on occasion, I will take my Oxycodone Kratom Mix instead. Both combinations end up working well for me, to mitigate the rest of my pain… for a time.

While you can’t buy the Oxycodone nor Hydrocodone for the effects of the Oxycodone Kratom mix at this website, you can get Kratom here.


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