Paypal Account Permanently Limited

Paypal Account Permanently Limited

Paypal Account Permanently Limited

Today, we received a notification stating Paypal Account Permanently Limited. As such, we are Changing from PayPal to another service. This means, for the time being we are unable to take orders. This will be rectified soon. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

We will update this post, when we choose another service to use. Bookmark this page, if you want to be apprised of information related to this news.

We have decided to go with ###### as our future payment gateway. We will still be able to process credit card transactions but also be able to accept some more popular ones.

Additionally, as a result of this issue, we will be changing shopping carts. While the old shopping cart was fine for our other websites for the last 10 years, it has not been maintained well. So we will be switching to a newer cart with more support. However, since we aren’t familiar with the cart, we will need to learn anew and workout all the kinks before we can initiate more sales.

Once we do rollout the new shopping cart, we will make a few additions. We will be offering gel capsules and sampler packs to our lineups with a chance at some surprises.

EDIT: We have been rejected by 2Checkout AND by Stripe. We went back and forth with them, finally became aware that any substance, even legal ones, are not allowed, if they mimic the effects of illegal drugs. Apparently this includes both Kratom and CBD. We will be offering Bitcoin payments instead. If a user contacts us, we can also accept Wellsfargo withdrawls if Bitcoin is out of your reach.


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