Red Bali Kratom for pain relief

Red Bali Kratom for pain relief

Before I go into the results of my personal testing of Red Bali Kratom for pain relief, I do want to give you an idea of how much pain I have been in. On 4/14.2018 (currently about 1 year ago), I broke my leg. I broke it bad. I did what’s called a spiral fracture, which is to say it’s a radial fracture. It didn’t cut directly in half, instead, it goes around in a spiral at a point at the top, and ends about 6 inches below that in a circular motion. 

Red Bali Kratom for pain relief

Red Bali Kratom for pain reliefSo now that you know what happened, lets go over what the doctors gave me. They gave me Percoset or Ocycodone 10/325. For me, a Percoset is about 2x-3x the pain relief of a Hydrodcodone or Norco. A 5/325 Percoset does NOT take away all my pain. Now to give you an idea of what the strength level of a Percoset is, you need to know that it’s synthetic Heroin. You’ve heard how bad heroin is, I presume? So, a 5/325 (5 mg Oxycodone and 325 mg Acetemetophen), to me is like taking heroin and not getting complete pain relief.

Because I don’t want to get addicted to pain killers, I decided to lower my dose of Opioids. But to do this, I needed to up my NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory ). So the doctor wrote me a prescription to Voltaren 75mg, which is the strongest NSAID on the market. My pain is so great (even before the break) that I had to make my own concoction. Instead of a 75mg Voltaren, I take 400mg ibuprofen (Motrin) and 350 Acetemetophen (Tylenol). I take this mix every 4 hours, as need for pain. Supposedly, this is a bad mix, and doctors will shy you away from it. After my break, I added 5/160 of Norco to this mix, and again deployed it over every 4 hours. And it worked for the first 6 moths or so. Till it didn’t work. I knew my tolerance was building. Soon it became 10/325 Norco instead of half that at 5/160.

So, I of course went to my doctor, asked for another script, but because of all the famous people dying from opiods as of late, overdosing, there is a lot of public backlash. Some doctors and states will try to prevent you from getting opiods as such. This is when I decided to try Kratom and see which would work better for me.

Red Bali Kratom for pain relief

Because I didn’t know much about Kratom 6 months ago, I bought a white Kratom. As it turns out, it didn’t help that much with my pain relief. I later found out, that white Kratom was for anxiety and stress. Gee whiz, that’s not going to do it for me. So I bought some Red Bali Kratom for pain relief and tried it.

When I first took the Red Bali Kratom for pain relief, I noticed one thing. It tastes HORRIBLE – Yuck! On the other hand, 20 minutes later, I thought I had the equivalent of 10mg Percoset in me, but without the fuzziness which usually comes with taking an opioid. You see when you take an opioid not only do you get brain fuzziness, but I also noticed a side effect, of not having a great memory anymore as well. But on Red Bali Kratom for pain relief, that’s changed. I don’t get the brain fuzzies, nor is my memory impacted.

If you’re looking for a solid pain reliever, which is as strong as Percoset, then I highly recommend buying Red Bali Kratom for pain relief . We carry it in our store here at GranniesRX.




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