Smart Drug Modafinil – Non Herbal Supplement

Smart Drug Modafinil – Non Herbal Supplement

The FDA says that this Smart Drug Modafinil, is a schedule 4 drug, as it is addictive. But I would think that any truly working drug, which improves knowledge retention and helps to make someone smart would be addictive. Think about it, would you want to stop using it, and have a harder time learning again? Would you want to become dumb, if you had a choice? Of course not.

Smart Drug Modafinil

A few years back, there was a movie called Limitless. It basically centers around a guy who takes a drug to make himself smart. The plot twists and turns, but the amazing part of this, is that its based on the Smart Drug Modafinil. The FDA has outlawed it for any use other than sleep disorders, since it makes people feel addicted to being smart. Modafinil users don’t want to cancel the effects, even though we know that the increase in knowledge sticks with someone after they stop using the drug.

Smart Drug ModafinilHow do we know that the Smart Drug Modafinil, actually increases intelligence. You can read studies, such as this one.

Though initially made for narcoleptics (people having trouble sleeping), many soon caught on that modafinil can enhance cognitive abilities. Right now, it’s a favorite among students who use it when preparing for exams with visible results, they claim. 

Here’s another study on Modafinil…

… according to studies, it seems that modafinil can indeed improve cognitive abilities such as working memory (improving digit span, digit manipulation, pattern recognition etc.) and potentially spatial memory and attention …

Smart Drug Modafinil testimonial

About 10 years ago, a friend asked me to pickup some Modafinil for him, as he knew I was making a trip to Mexico, where you do not need prescriptions to get most drugs. He wanted it, so that he could learn to speak Arabic faster, as he was in the military and it would help him. So yes, I bought him some Modafinil, and mailed it to him. Years passed before I heard from him again, but he did end up in the military, and yes he learned Arabic. Instead of taking him years, it took him a bit over a month to become fluent in Arabic. That’s no easy feat!

Smart Drug ModafinilSo imagine this scenario. You want to learn another language, you’ve always wanted to learn Spanish. School takes a minimum of 3 years to learn a new language, even longer if you are older. You can learn in high school quickly, as your brain is training. But you lose that will to learn in your early twenties. But really, you want to learn it. Well the fastest way to learn any language is to use it by total immersion. If you have no interest in something, its impossible to learn – but immersion is different! If you want to eat, poop, drink, pretty much anything to live, you need to learn, when everyone around you only speaks a different language.  But even with total immersion there is no guarantee that you will learn a new language, its tough. So here’s where the Smart Drug Modafinil comes in. You take it, and you will not only want to learn, but you will do it quicker. You could go down to Mexico and learn Spanish, totally immersed for a month, and then come back speaking fluently. Of course you will need to take Modafinil daily for that month, and it will provided you with a boost of energy. Once you learn whatever you need to learn, you can stop taking the Smart Drug Modafinil, and you will retain the information.

Ginko Biloba Smart Herb?

Before I get into on where you can buy Modafinil, lets talk about an herbal supplement which claims to improve memory as well, Ginko Biloba. Ginko Biloba has been toted by herbal supplement sellers as being great for memory. But the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research (MFMER), has found no actual proof that this is true.

Several small, early studies showed modest improvements in cognitive function for older adults with dementia. However, a number of larger studies haven’t confirmed that Ginkgo biloba extract prevents memory loss or slows the progression of cognitive decline or Alzheimer’s disease in older adults. In adults with normal cognition or mild cognitive impairment, Ginkgo biloba does not slow cognitive decline.

Although some studies have shown slight improvements in cognitive function for people taking Ginkgo biloba, most experts feel that Ginkgo biloba hasn’t lived up to its early promise and don’t recommend its use as a memory aid.

Buy Smart Drug Modafinil

NOTE: We do NOT sell this drug on this website. You will have to go elsewhere to purchase it. This is an informational post only.

If you are ready to try the Smart Drug Modafinil, then I recommend you purchase a sample first. As long as you cover shipping, the cost is relatively low. Shipping isn’t as cheap as it would be from the Americas or Europe, but it’s not overly costly. This wonder drug, Modafinil, comes out of India. You can buy Modafinil here.


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