Using Kratom with NSAIDs

Using Kratom with NSAIDs

Let’s talk about using Kratom with NSAIDs. There is a belief that using Kratom alone is good, nothing else is needed to alive pain. But I thing it’s the elephant in the room which needs to be discussed, and I base this on my own findings, not on others’. I personally have a prescription to Voltaren. It’s the strongest NSAID (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory drug) that you can get WITH a prescription. But should I take it with Kratom? Should I be using Kratom with NSAIDs?

Using Kratom with NSAIDs

So, let me explain one thing here. I broke my leg in 2018, severely. I was out of work for 10 months due to pain. The doctors were ready to put me out of commission on permanent disability, for the rest of my life. I only had opiods (substances that act on opioid receptors) which were helping with the pain, and the amount of meds I had to take was astronomical. I started with Voltaren, took some CBD, then 1 OTC acetaminophen (aka Tylenol) and then followed it up with 5mg of Oxycodone. Usually in about 4 hours, I would add a couple of Ibuprofen, another acetaminophen, and then finish it off with some Hydrocodone. The problem was, the pain meds weren’t helping that much, I could still feel pain. Mind you, I like feeling pain, I like knowing my limitations, but I needed something I didn’t have to pay a co-pay for, and needed to keep getting more prescriptions. Of course doctors don’t like giving opioid prescriptions. So I started experimenting, I even started using Kratom with NSAIDs to see what worked best.

I hate to think where I might have gone, what I might have tried to alleviate some of my pain, had I not found herbs for pain. I started out with CBD (dulled the pain, but didn’t really work) and also ate some edible marijuana while I was out of work. Even though I had heard of Kratom, I wasn’t sure if it would be my solution or if I would need to try using Kratom with NSAIDs. At first, I had stashed some of it for a later use, while I was still on opioids and barely thought about it. It was meant to be an emergency pain med. But as I realized that opioids wasn’t the answer for me, I tried Kratom. I hadn’t known much about the various effects about them at the time, so I bought some white and green. The white kratom dulled the pain, green worked a lot better. But then in my research and speaking on social media, I realized that red was what I needed. 

I guess you could say I needed to return to work. Even though the payout would have been at least $11k if I waited another 2 months, I was set to lose everything if I did. So instead, I went back to work. I moved to live with my daughter. I then took a local job, with a company I had worked before. I wasn’t sure if I was going to need a cane to work, or if I could do without. Here’s what I found.

Using Kratom with NSAIDs – Trials

Before I go into Using Kratom with NSAIDs, I want to mention that mixing 2 OTC ibuprofen and 2 OTC acetaminophen is equivalent to me for a 5 mg hydrocodone (Norco). There is a risk to both your kidneys and liver functions if you take too much of either of those NSAIDs, but I used to take 2 of each every 4 hours while working.

As for using Kratom with NSAIDs, red worked best for me for pain. I have personally tried Red Horn, Red Bali, and Red Dragon (all of which we sell here). I also tried it with NSAIDs and without. I even tried it with and without opioids.

Using Red Bali Kratom without anything else works great for 4-5 hours. After 4 hours, the pain comes rushing back. Red Horn, was more of a pain duller, it took away most of my pain for about 3-4 hours, but it was still there underlying. Red Dragon is definitely the best for pain relief, but again the paid hits again in about 4-6 hours.

Using Red Kratom with an opioid doesn’t actually make it work better, red kratom either will or will not work for you. But I can say that with Red Horn, I found I did need the extra boost of an opioid about 3 hours in, and then 1 more hour later need to take more Red Horn.

Finally, I first started taking ibuprofen with Kratom. I should note that acetaminophen does not work as well as ibuprofen for me. So taking any Kratom with ibuprofen or even Voltatren would be my choice. I have taken all 3 of the above mentioned Red Kratom’s above with both ibuprofen and Voltaren. It helps. 

Using Kratom with NSAIDs – Results

Here’ what happens when I was using Kratom with NSAIDs. Instead of a sharp aching pain hitting me right away with Kratom or Kratom and Opioids, I get down to a dull pain. This is great since it tells me when I need to take another dosage of Kratom. I would highly recommend taking ibuprofen or acetaminophen with your red Kratom, if you are using it for pain. If you have access to a doctor, then Voltaren is also an option – however most people it makes them feel drowsy. 

Using Kratom with NSAIDs – specifically Voltaren and Red Dragon gives me the same effectual feeling of a 5 mg oxycodone.

Using Kratom with NSAIDs

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