Welcome to GranniesRx

Welcome to GranniesRx

Welcome to GranniesRx

Our mission at GranniesRx, is to provide you with high quality herbs, supplements, and products which will enhance your health and wellbeing. We plan to provide quality products such as Kratom, CBD, and other herbs which will heal you, take away chronic pain, and provide essential vitamins and minerals. We also carry scales and vape pens along with ejuice to refill your eCigs. This is a long term project and will start with smaller batches and build up our stock.

For now, we have Kratom, Moringa, and Opium Lettuce in stock. Some products will ship from our partners, some directly from us. Stay with us, as we grow.

Don’t forget to check back with us often, and to join newsletter to keep up to date with our newest products and specials.



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